Super Computers

Super Computers

Our hardware has become sentient and is programmed to eliminate the convoluted nonsense that is the current web3 chaos. We are developing a diversified equities-backed currency, and your NFT is the printer!

About Us

Who Are Super Computers?

Super Computers are a collection of 11,010 unique NFT digital collectibles sentient on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Super Computer doubles as your exclusive membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, which are implemented and unlocked progressively according to our roadmap detailed below.

Hand-drawn, multi-layer original digital art pieces

Digital and IRL networking/celebratory meetups

Regular community airdrops to owners, not just raffles and at random


Unique Assets


Layers of Rarity

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Whitelist Price

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Public Mint Price


Super Computers


/phase_1: commence-mint

The revolution begins... and minting goes live. Owning a Super Computers NFT will automatically set you apart from others within our Discord community. You will receive a member role which will gain you access to 'holders only" groups, and more.

Maintaining ownership of a Super Computers NFT always comes with the privilege of first access to future developments. This is our pledge of collectibility.

/phase_2: metaverse-community

We plan to develop an exclusive city within Decentraland called, Cybernetic Central granting all Super Computers NFT owners access to participate in the life of the community, including but not limited to poker nights, business think-tanks, and much more. This relates to our pledge of community and exclusivity.

/phase_3: exclusive-giveaways

Once all Super Computers have been minted, all owners will be privy to submitting for exclusive giveaways including professional high-quality computer systems, Super Computers NFTs, tropical cruise tickets, and more! This relates to our pledge of profitability, exclusivity, community, and collectibility.

/phase_4: free-airdrops

As a Super Computers NFT owner, at random, you may receive free airdrops of new collections, unreleased exclusive products, and/or other secret releases we can't even talk about yet! This relates to our pledge of community, collectibility, exclusivity, and profitability. We value you and will continue to surprise you!

/phase_5: game-development

Our lead technologist has specialized in web and mobile game development for the last decade and as an added bonus, we thought it would be fun to produce a game that participates with our eventual economic development goals as well as in general, offer something fun for our community to have fun with.

/phase_6: our-token

If there's one thing we care about at Super Computers, it's intrinsic value. One of our highest technological priorities is to develop a valuable currency.

Although many NFT projects claim to want to create value for their tokens, it is a high focus for us of finding a way to truly generate value. This is a long road, but we're confident in our long-term strategy. To learn more about our currency development plans, join our Discord and join the conversation!

This is a very important part of our profitability, utility, and longevity pledge.

/phase_7: exclusive-events

As the project grows, we look forward to opening our physical and virtual doors to great community events in the future. We plan to host exclusive parties that you will gain access to - and don't worry, you'll receive guest spots too!

From networking to celebrating, Super Computers will dominate the event's space as well. There are a lot of secrets to come to light on this topic, including revenue opportunities!

Mint Details

The Revolution Is Coming...

Our whitelist is currently OPEN! Join our Discord and check out the #how-to-get-whitelisted thread for details on how to qualify for the Super Computers pre-mint special pricing and early access. Joining our Discord community will also give you access to real-time information and public community discussions to stay up-to-date on the latest information about the project.

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Executive Leadership


Goose Lady

The Technologist

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Binary. Revolution development.


The Metascientist

Revolution execution. Responsible for hardware sentience. Equities fund management.

Optimus Prime

Community Success Manager

Here to help with community moderation and technical support oversight.


Frequently Asked Questions

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